PVC tarpaulin is a plastic coated high-strength polyester tarpaulin based on high-strength polyester canvas, coated with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) paste resin with speed increasing agent, anti-fungal agent, anti-aging agent, antistatic agent, etc. A variety of chemical additives, plasticized by high temperature. It has the properties of waterproof, mildewproof, cold resistant, aging resistant, antistatic, etc.; and the breaking strength, tear elongation and tearing strength of this product are much better than traditional tarpaulin.


1.Hot-melt Coating technology(Semi-coating).

2.Good peeling strength for welding.

3.Outstanding tearing strength.

4.Flame retardant character.(optional)

5.Anti ultraviolet treatment(UV).(optional)


1. This product is specially designed to avoid collision with sharp metal during use

2. The product may be partially damaged during use, such as metal and hard objects friction and collision, which can be repaired with glue solution

3. When PVC tarpaulin used to cover the goods, it should be noted that the reserved vent is too sealed, which will cause water vapor damage to the goods.

4. PVC tarpaulin has a limited service life, and the surface adhesive layer has aged for a long time, and water seepage will also occur. If necessary, please purchase new canvas to avoid affecting the quality of the goods.