• agricultural plantation shelter waterproof tarpaulin, construction site steel cover waterproof tarpaulin, various greenhouse insulation tarpaulin, international trade shelter tarpaulin, etc....【Learn More
  • PVC tarpaulin processing in the manufacturing process to increase the plasticizer, anti-aging agent and other auxiliary materials to enhance its heat resistance, toughness, ductility, etc....【Learn More
  • The calendering method is to fully stir PVC powder and liquid plasticizer and other raw materials, and then bond them to the base fabric into a whole through high-temperature heat pressure. It is characterized by good surface smoothness and uniform light transmission, which is more advantageous in interior lighting fabric....【Learn More
  • Knife coated method light box fabric: knife coated method light box fabric process is the liquid PVC paste with a number of reverse scraper evenly applied to both sides of the base fabric, and then through the drying process to make it completely combined into a whole, after cooling forming....【Learn More
  • 3M light box fabric is a kind of light box signature fabric, used with 3M film to do internal lighting light box, can be sprayed. Also known as 3M signboard substrate, 3M advertising fabric, 3M printing fabric....【Learn More
  • The characteristics of light box fabric: thickness, tensile strength, ductility, weather resistance, light transmission, flame retardant, peel, flatness, such as for inkjet printing and ink absorption, color reduction, etc....【Learn More
  • Photo fabric is a more traditional fabric material, due to its relatively low price, the production cost is comparable to the cost of PP material and cold mounting film, and can save a series of film processes, and now in many fields have used photo fabric instead of traditional consumables to make hanging pictures or background pictures....【Learn More
  • The difference between light box fabric and inkjet fabric: light box fabric is used for light box inkjet painting, inkjet fabric is a kind of fabric material sprayed with a special coating that can be used for inkjet painting, generally used for hanging pictures and scroll pictures....【Learn More
  • Generally used in high-rise billboards, highway roadside light boxes.backlit banner is the lightbox banner used to make the lightbox behind the light source, and its light transmittance is much higher than that of the frontlit banner generally between 25% and 35%...【Learn More
  • There are already relevant regulations in the transportation management regulations. Vehicles carrying freight should be covered with tarpaulins to prevent scattering. And car cover tarps are also very necessary. ...【Learn More
  • After the continuous improvement of the modern production process, the performance of the tarpaulin has been constantly developed. On the basis of the traditional tarpaulin, more and more high-quality PVC tarpaulin has been produced. So what conditions should high quality PVC tarpaulin have?...【Learn More
  • Covering your roof with a tarp can temporarily stop leaks and protect your home from bad weather. Here are a few things to consider when choosing the right roof tarp for emergency preparedness: ...【Learn More
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